Dinner with a Zen Master

screenshot_20161011-085000What question would you ask a Tableau Zen Master?

That was my tweet.  Knew it would spark a lively conversation in the twitter sphere and give me something to discuss at dinner.

Perhaps it’s the big purple egg on my profile or lack of experience with social media?   The topic never took off.

Next step, Google “questions to ask a Zen Master”.   Surely there will be some enlightening questions that will fill the evening with energy?  Make the night memorable?  Thankfully that list never got read.

So what do you ask a Zen Master at dinner?

You don’t.  You listen.   You connect.

Don’t worry about the list of questions or what you are going to say.  Ground yourself, relax, be present in that moment.  You would be surprised where the conversation takes you. 

Want to be truly enlightened?  Try being vulnerable and sharing part of yourself.  Be real.

My TC16 talk started out as “look at this cool dashboard we came up with that changed the world”.  A dashboard doesn’t change the world or even a small department.  People do.  Does yours make things better for them?  Is it curb-side pickup or a long line at the grocery store?

A magician never gets to see the magic they create.  They are the only one that doesn’t see the illusion.  To make magic, they must put themselves in the shoes of the audience. 

Are you magically connecting with anyone?  Why aren’t you connecting with everyone?  Are you putting yourselves in the shoes of the Zen Master, your audience, the ones you built the dashboard for, the people reading your blog?  A blind man in a restaurant?

This magician exposes the secret.  It’s so easy everyone can do it!

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