Remember that party with the awesome food, amazing atmosphere, and people you met for the first time?  No boring interview questions, “so what do you do” and “nice weather today”.

They shared your passion.  New friends inspired countless ideas.   You learned things and only regret not recording it.

Maybe your passion is golf and a new technique was shared.  Perhaps you were in a room full of people excited about wine and great food.  Maybe a conference with thought leaders from your industry.  Or a group of skydivers that finally convinced you to take the jump you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember how energized you felt?   Remember how much you couldn’t say because there wasn’t enough time?  Or did you forget because you had one too many and barely remember getting home?

Why are you here?

Maybe we met at a great party, networking event, conference, or you attended one of my talks.

VizTheGrid is to be the napkin you didn’t have to write down those ideas.  The extra time we didn’t have, because you had to catch that cab.  A way to stay connected and to reach others that share our passion.

Glad you are here.  Help keep the party going!

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