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Average Geocoding

Use parameters to swap measures, dimensions, or even graphs?

What about making the map more dynamic.

Story about Mark & the inactive map.
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Viz your HELP

After all your hard work building your new dashboard, do you take screen shots to make a user guide?  Do you maintain a FAQ in excel?

Why not make Viz our Help?
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Are you brave enough?

… to take your product into the environment you designed it for?

Mark with iPad, ready for ride along.
Getting ready for the iPad test.

… to go with the person you want to use it and see first hand if it helps them?

… to get new ideas to improve your work to help them even more?

We took our dashboards on an iPad into the field to see them in action.  Listen to Mark recap how it went and our BIGGEST mistake!

Are you afraid to look at the view counts of your dashboard on server?  Understand your users needs and you won’t have any problems with adoption!
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150 to 3?

John has inherited over 150 recipes from 10 different chefs for 3 very different franchise experiences.  Not only that, the kitchen staff has decreased in size significantly.

In this interview, John shares his perspective as we formulate 3 new recipes that magically taste unique  and delicious to every customer at the table.

Make your content actionable and embed them in the business problem that needs to be solved.  You can eliminate that bad taste in your mouth and leave your audience very satisfied.

When we are done with the excel reports, this is how we decommission them: