Can you buy speed with $30?

If your dashboards are not FAST, you loose your audience. 

Lab Proud Papa
Keep them engaged by defeating the circle of death that is killing your adoption rates.

Peter reflects on a project that used $30 to push the limits of our knowledge of the infrastructure supporting our dashboards.

See how his $30 project beat our SQL server in a speed test.

Find out more at Peter’s blog post.

Good luck keeping it FAST!
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150 to 3?

John has inherited over 150 recipes from 10 different chefs for 3 very different franchise experiences.  Not only that, the kitchen staff has decreased in size significantly.

In this interview, John shares his perspective as we formulate 3 new recipes that magically taste unique  and delicious to every customer at the table.

Make your content actionable and embed them in the business problem that needs to be solved.  You can eliminate that bad taste in your mouth and leave your audience very satisfied.

When we are done with the excel reports, this is how we decommission them:



Remember the 2012 conference?

Twenty minutes after driving away from the airport, fell deeply in love!  Ah you still have my heart.  Anyone in San Diego hiring?

Was my first Tableau Conference.  My mission to find flaws and pain points as had been done many times before with other software.  Understand what we might face during implementation.  Look for something scary that might make us go a different direction.

Will find flaws in nearly everything.  But what you must look for is Leadership and Vision.

Christian’s first words were about growing up in his family’s business.  How the conference was important, because every single employee of Tableau was there to listen to their customers to make things better, to collaborate, to help them be successful.

Are you listening to your customers? 

Start up companies always tend to listen at the beginning right?  Tableau still do a pretty good job today after 10 years.

But it was later in Christian’s Keynote where he described the history of Business Intelligence and shared this video from 1958 that I knew things were different.

As we prepare for TC16 and celebrate Tableau’s 10 years, take a few moments to reflect on your story.  Are you innovating?  Using the great tools available to us to make a difference in the businesses and lives of the people that use your work?

The information machine is 9 minutes and worth it as you make your commute.  The Keynote is longer, but well worth your time.

In 2012, there were around 2,500 people in San Diego.  In Austin, there will be 15,000 attendees representing about 1,600 of Tableau’s 50,000 customers.

Be inspired by Tableau, your peers, your new friends.  Go back after the conference and pass along that Vispiration to your companies and organizations.